In the dynamic landscape of supply chain management, warehouse storage is undergoing a transformative evolution. The demand for efficient, sustainable, and technologically advanced storage solutions

Efficient warehouse storage is the backbone of a well-run logistics operation. Whether you are dealing with a vast distribution centre or a smaller storage facility,

In the dynamic landscape of modern warehouses, choosing the right pallet racking system is crucial for optimising storage space and streamlining operations. Industrial pallet racks

Total Interiors have managed to get an exclusive interview with the big man himself. Santa speaks up and shares his unabridged thoughts. With Christmas fast

Third-Party Warehouse Solutions The beginning of any storage solution in a Third-Party Warehouse is racking. Every warehouse will need to have some form of storage

Total Interiors Celebrate their 25th Anniversary For 25 years Total Interiors has been providing quality storage solutions for warehouses and offices across the UK. With

Refurbishment VS New Build The biggest question on business owners’ minds when they begin to outgrow their space is refurbishment vs new build. Each option

Industrial Warehouse Design Make your warehouse work for you, not against you. All warehouses need to be designed effectively. Industrial warehouse design is not dissimilar

Mezzanine Floors and Planning Permission What you need to know. First steps: A mezzanine floor and planning permission go hand in hand, you can’t have

Online shopping is the future of warehouses. Online shopping is dominating the UK in 2020. Since the beginning of lockdown, many people have turned to

Risk Assessments – What you need to know With more and more emphasis being put on workplace safety, we decided to speak with our safety

Returning to the Total office – COVID-19 updates. As of the 1st August 2020, the UK Government has given the green light to allow employers

Grade A Distributor – SEMA Audit! As you may know, we pride ourselves on health and safety within our industry. When you work within a

Refurbishment projects have increased as more and more companies look to us to help provide additional space-saving solutions for their existing buildings, rather than go

When was your Racking last inspected? Damaged or unsafe racking presents a significant risk in the workplace. Can you remember when you had your racking

Increase your workspace with a Mezzanine Floor Single or two-tier mezzanine floors from Total will increase workspace and storage whilst saving you the substantial cost

Industrial and Retail Storage Solutions We are one of the leading providers of industrial and retail storage solutions in the UK Total Interiors can provide

Are you looking for the optimum Storage Solution or maybe moving into a new warehouse or extending? Total Interiors can help you by optimising your

20 Years In The Making. Formed in 1996, Total Interiors Storage Solutions was built as a family business based in Worcester. We have now reached

Total Office and Storage Solutions for Brintons Total Interiors provided the much-needed office and storage space Brintons required. British carpet manufacturers, Brintons, holders of the

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