Santa speaks up – Total Interiors speak with Santa about E-Commerce warehouses

Total Interiors have managed to get an exclusive interview with the big man himself. Santa speaks up and shares his unabridged thoughts.

With Christmas fast approaching Total Interiors were lucky enough to speak with Santa as he prepares for his busiest time of the year. We dive in deeper than a deep-filled mince pie to see what his thoughts are on e-commerce warehouses and online shopping platforms.

Here’s a preview of our interview:

Thanks for meeting with us today, Santa, you must be very busy on the lead-up to Christmas?

Thank you for having me, it’s quite busy up in the north pole. We spend the whole year preparing for one day and now we are on the last reindeer legs of it.

It sounds exciting, how do you manage?

The elves help out a lot that’s for sure.

I bet they do, so tell me Santa, where do you store all of those presents?

Well with a little bit of magic, and a lot of pallet racking, we can store millions of things in our warehouse in the north pole.

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