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Mezzanine Flooring is the fastest and most convenient way to add extra floor space to your existing warehouse.

Single or two-tire Mezzanine flooring from Total Interiors will increase storage and office space. Saving you the substantial cost and inconvenience of extending or moving to a new property.

Office Mezzanines

The most popular way of increasing office space. Giving you room to grow your business at relatively little cost compared to extensions or moving.

Industrial Mezzanines

Industrial mezzanine floor planning and installation can be achieved with minimum disruption to existing production. Proving an extremely popular and cost effective solution.

Flexibility is key storage capacity can be increased by up to 100%. Extra storage space, materials handling areas or additional office space can be created. This all helps your business to grow. Each installation will be designed specifically for your requirements. Including detailed planning right through to complete installation.

If you are unsure if a Mezzanine Floor is right for your business. Don’t worry, we provide a FREE Site Survey to ensure you get the right solution for your business.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you maximise and utilise the space you have, join our mailing list to keep up to date on all things Total. Organise your site survey with us today!

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