Grade A Distributor – SEMA Audit

As you may know, we pride ourselves on health and safety within our industry. When you work within a warehouse there are so many risks that are related to that workspace. The industrial sector is one of the highest in the list of workplace accidents. It is so important that anyone who works within our industry commits to providing safe solutions. That is why it is so important for us to be a member of the Find a member. We promise to demonstrate a high level of commitment to safety and work to industry codes. In order to be a member of the SDG, you must undergo an Audit every 3 years. The audit focuses on the policy and procedures which we as a company and SEMA Distributor must follow in order to continue working within the SEMA group.

We had our SEMA audit. We were nervous and excited and the whole team pulled together. Team Total strive to work at the highest level in our industry.

Our hard work paid off.SEMA Audit Certificate

97% band A SEMA Distributor! Since we first joined in 2011, we have managed to improve on each of our audits.

Julian had a few words to say about the audit process and his thoughts on our fantastic result:

“My main goal was to improve on our last result (94%) the audit process has become even more detailed. Each year the auditor knows what to focus on and what can be easily missed. As a director, it is good to know you have those procedures and policies in place and how we compare with others in our industry.”

It’s clear to say everyone in the office is over the moon with the result and just goes to show, we really do care about our commitment to safety in the industry.

For information on how team Total can offer you the safest storage solution for your warehouse and offices contact us now.

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