Push-back Racking

Push Back Racking

Push-Back Racking

Ideal for LIFO or FIFO systems, Push-back Racking is an efficient system to deep-store two to six pallets.

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Push Back Racking System

How does Push-Back Racking work?

When the first pallet is loaded into the racking, the pallet is stored on the first position in the lane. When the second pallet is loaded into the racking, the first pallet then pushes back behind it one position. This process then continues until the lane is full. To retrieve the pallets the operation is reversed.

Push back racking will increase your storage capacity and simplify your warehouse operations, allowing you to conduct schemes that will save you time and money. This operation is also accessible using most types of handling equipment.

You can organise all of the pallets which will make a complete lorry load, this will reduce both lorry waiting time as well as travel time for in-house transport.

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