Industrial Warehouse Design

Make your warehouse work for you, not against you.

All warehouses need to be designed effectively. Industrial warehouse design is not dissimilar to standard warehouse storage. There are many similar factors to consider when designing your industrial warehouse:

  • storage areas, aisles, and gangways
  • pedestrian traffic routes;
  • staircases and ramps;
  • emergency escape routes; having the right design for your warehouse layout will help reduce accidents, including those with moving vehicles.

Refurbishment projects have increased as more and more companies look to us to help provide space-saving solutions for their existing buildings rather than go to the expense of a new build or extension.

Before deciding to move, consider all options that are available to you. Partitioning, Mezzanine floors, and other space-increasing solutions are all possible in an industrial warehouse.

Another important factor to consider for industrial warehouse design is what the company intends to do in their warehouse. If you are using highly flammable chemicals, fire protection will be at the top of your priorities. Keeping your warehouse well ventilated is also important to consider. If you are using a forklift truck that runs on fuel, you should consider the quality of air in your warehouse. Your refurbishment design can include alternative air ventilation channels if what your warehouse has isn’t sufficient.

Typically, industrial warehouses will require a certain amount of storage space. Many types of warehouse racking solutions can be used. Standard pallet racking is one of the most versatile solutions. If you don’t need to store heavy items, long–span shelving will do the trick.

The possibilities are endless, make your warehouse work for you. Thinking creatively about the space you have will mean you can save costs and improve the quality and environment of your warehouse without moving.

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