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Third-party logistics occupy the most square footage of warehousing space in the UK. Storage solutions for 3PLs are essential for a 3PL to fulfil the requirements of its clients. Working with a company that understands what you need is paramount to a successful solution.

Team Total has over 25 years of experience providing storage solutions for a multitude of clients. We understand our industry and utilize our expertise to provide you with the most effective solutions possible.

There are many avenues to help increase space and make effective use of your warehouse. Mezzanine floors can be used to increase space for picking and packing areas. While creating narrow aisles can increase the number of pallet spaces available.

Pallet Racking
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As a third-party logistics company working with a supplier who understands your needs as well as your clients are not only important but necessary. We realize your need for flexibility in your storage solution is key and that is why we are dedicated to providing the highest quality solution and service possible. Our made-to-measure services are designed with your exact requirements in mind.

Proper planning is essential when we design storage solutions for 3PLS. Our design team works with you to maximize the space you have.

We help keep your warehouse safe, and as a Find a member, we hold ourselves to work under the highest safety standards. To ensure your warehouse is safe we send out yearly reminders when you are due a racking inspection.

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