The future of ecommerce warehouse solutions

Online shopping is the future of warehouses

Online shopping is dominating the UK in 2020. Since the beginning of lockdown, many people have turned to online shopping when they wouldn’t have previously. With so many shoppers taking to the internet it is easy to forget the infrastructure behind the many online shops. Ecommerce warehouse solutions are an important part of the journey. Hidden behind fantastic online shopping platforms, warehouses need to work effortlessly to ensure that orders reach the consumer in record times.

Our work environments have changed drastically so what is the future of a typical eCommerce warehouse?

  • Better ventilation?
  • Utilizing the space above.
  • Health and Safety taking the forefront?
  • Automation?

As online shopping is becoming the normal way to shop the way our typical warehouse works will have to evolve and change with it. According to, all E-Commerce sales were worth 688.4bn GBP in 2018. In 2019 the value of online retail sales in the UK alone was 76.04bn GBP. These huge figures are only growing and show no sign of slowing down.

As we consider the huge leaps online shopping is making, more people are becoming aware of the impact these advances are having on our environment. Not only will an eCommerce business have to ensure their orders reach consumers when they expect, but they will also have to think about their carbon footprint. The way they can reduce the impact they make will be a constant battle to improve each year. The younger generation is more tuned into climate change than any other generation before.

The traditional warehouse storage solutions are becoming obsolete as the years pass. As the way people buy and store products move forward, so will the storage industry. Innovation is key to the success of our industry. Changes are happening all around the world and it’s important we keep up with those changes before we are left behind.

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