Returning to the Total office – COVID-19 updates

As of the 1st August 2020, the UK Government has given the green light to allow employers to bring back staff into offices. Ensuring your office or workspace is COVID secure is a daunting task. There are many new processes to consider as well as space and hygiene you should also consider your team.

At the beginning of July, the Total office was available to be used by staff. Our new COVID-19 safety measures had been implemented along with an overhaul of our processes and procedures within the new working environment.

It’s important when you create a new environment that your employees are happy, we asked Team Total how they felt about the new office. Here is what they had to say.

What do you think of the new Total Interiors Office?

The new layout is very spacious, we love the pop of red on the pillars in the office and the details around the office really give a vibrancy to the spaces. It’s nice to see more things on display.

Since you have been back in the office how have you felt in your new working environment?

Initially, there were hesitations to go back, we think most people who have spent their time working from home during lockdown would agree. When we did visit the office it was so spacious and we knew who would be in on what days. We felt reassured and now have been working in the office for a few weeks and enjoy being back in an office environment.

What do you think of the new processes and procedures that Total Interiors have implemented?

It is very reassuring to know that we all understand and follow the new processes and procedures. It was very odd to make cups of tea without offering one to the team. We have all adjusted well and feel like the new way of working. We have a specific rota of staff who work within the office on a regular basis and then communicate with the whole team on a weekly video meeting. It’s nice to check in with each other.

Overall the new office is working well; the layout gives the office more space to breathe as well as our signature red highlighting the pillars. Not only are our team happy to work within the new office environment we all feel the new office looks refreshed and ready for what lays ahead.

Behind the scenes, Team Total continues to work hard and ensure our clients receive the best service while adhering to all social distancing measures. The teamwork on a rota-based system to ensure maximum distance can be kept.

Take a guided tour of our new office.

Struggling to figure out how to get your office COVID-19 secure? Contact Team Total >> or call the team now: 01905 757 596

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