E-Commerce warehouse solutions are the backbone of online shopping.

E-Commerce warehouse solutions are the backbone of online shopping.

full ecommerce warehouse solutions

E-Commerce warehouse solutions are the backbone of online shopping

With over 20 years of experience behind us and a highly skilled team, we are dedicated to providing the total solution to new and existing customers of all sizes. As the demand for online shopping has increased, we have been lucky enough to work with some amazing online brands. E-commerce has skyrocketed over recent years and is set to increase to 30% by 2024. No doubt next year’s figures will show a further increase due to the pandemic. There are many factors that come into play for e-commerce warehouse solutions, from picking and packing to returns. The process needs to work in harmony with the way products are brought in repackaged, picked, sold, and dispatched.

Where it begins.

It all starts with the client and the warehouse. Each and every e-commerce warehouse is unique and has its own footprint. Just as every warehouse needs to be considered, so do the client and their individual requirements. However, there are basic needs to include and consider for all online businesses. Each site will need to look at the journey their orders take and consider the following processes:

  • Stock coming in
  • Loaded into picking bays
  • Pickers take items for orders
  • Taken to packing benches
  • Put on a pallet to be shipped
  • Returns section separated

When you have outlined the journey your orders take, we can then advise our design team and start to plan your layout to ensure maximum efficiency. Online shopping is perceived as a fast one-stop-shop. If your warehouse isn’t effectively laid out this can add more time to your processes. A longer process time for orders could result in a loss of business.

Once your basic floor plan has been laid out, an additional consideration is your projected volumes. Being able to provide an idea of your peak volume of stock and how busy you get around major events, we will be able to advise where you can add more storage and save space. We help to ensure your warehouse space works for you even when you are at your busiest.

Take into account the items you are selling online. If your product has a short life span and needs special temperatures to be stored in this will change how your picking aisles and storage solutions work. With short-life products, you will need to ensure the stock able to rotate efficiently. Climate control isn’t just for your workers, products that need to be kept at a certain temperature will need to be stored correctly. These key details will change how your e-commerce warehouse is built to suit your needs

Effective planning at the start of your e-commerce warehouse will be the building foundation for working efficiently. The more detail you provide your contractor the better the end result will be, and the more efficient your e-commerce warehouse solution will be.


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full ecommerce warehouse solutions
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