Background to Brintons

Makers of British carpets in Kidderminster

Brintons, holders of the Royal Warrant, has been making British carpets in Kidderminster for over 230 years, and since it’s humble beginnings back in 1783 quality has always been paramount.  Brintons are proud to call themselves a British brand and around 1400 people worldwide help them to create a product, which is widely believed to be the finest available.  However as sales increased so too did the challenges on storing and distributing the product, and the decision was made to look for a new warehouse and distribution centre.

Having successfully completed a number of smaller projects, including repairs to racking damage and the supply of racking components, Total Interiors were awarded the contract and the immediate task of helping Brintons decide on a suitable building.  Once agreed, the attention turned to providing Brintons with a handling and storage solution that would maximise space utilisation and increase operational efficiencies.

With carpet rolls measuring up to 5 metres long, the overall challenge was to create enough locations to store the vast range of carpets, cater for the different lengths and sizes, and allow for the projected growth of the Brintons business.  The recommended layout was based on Reach Trucks fitted with carpet booms, which require less aisle width than a conventional forklift.

With operational efficiencies in mind, a large marshalling area was kept free for the quick and safe loading and unloading of vehicles, and strategically situated racking bridge bays, close to the loading area, means that the “vehicle to racks” time is kept to a minimum.

Total Interiors Project Division

Once the racking project was agreed, Brintons turned their attention to the other important aspects of the project, and the introduction of the Total Interiors Project Division, according to Ian Moore:

"We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Total Interiors could offer Brintons far more than just the racking.  After demonstrating their expertise and capabilities with recent turn-key projects at Sainsburys, JCB and ETB Tyres, we felt confident in Total Interiors managing the whole project for us."

Work undertaken by the Project Division included:

  • Security arrangements including CCTV, Alarms & Perimeter Fencing
  • Warehouse and office lighting
  • Warehouse management system
  • Office partitioning including moveable bi-folding doors.

Ian Moore concluded, "Working to challenging time constraints Total Interiors did a great job.  We had envisaged working with a number of different companies, which in itself can present challenges, but in the end we had one point of contact, and the project was completed on time and to budget."

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