Shelving Solutions for all types of Storage

Office files, government records and healthcare records to archive storage, heavy-duty storage or mass industrial storage; no shelving system is too large or small for us.

Every business uses shelving in some form and the versatility of our shelving options means that we can bring a solution to your business that makes the best use of available space, whilst keeping the stored items easily accessible and sensibly organised for simple use.

  • Shelves can support loads from 60-1000kgs
  • From small parts Shelving to heavy duty Shelving
  • Mobile Shelving for high density, easily accessible Shelving
  • Longspan Adjustable Shelving to maximise space both horizontally and vertically
  • Range of accessories
Warehouse Shelving Systems
Shelving Solutions

Require Shelving for your Warehouse?

The right warehouse shelving can help you make the most of the space which you have available. If you’re in need of a cost-effective solution that consists of maximising the height of your shelving and reducing the footprint of your facility then we are suited to helping you. We supply a large range of styles and sizes to help you get the best solution for your warehouse.

As well as improving your warehouse efficiency, our team will work with you to put together a bespoke design which fits your business and building, as every building is unique from size to design.

If you are in need of other shelving solutions, we provide a Total Storage webshop. Here you will find extra storage solutions for your warehouse and office, including basic shelving and linbins.

For any additional information please contact us on 01905 757 506.

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