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Do you have your Racking inspected on a regular basis?

Your racking is considered to be work equipment under PUWER and as such it has to be examined regularly and maintained in good working order so that it is not a danger to those of your staff who are obliged to work with and around it.

A SEMA SARI racking inspector has undergone substantial training and passed very challenging theoretical examinations and practical tests so are able to demonstrate competence in this manner.

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Pallet Racking Inspection | Pallet Racking Checks

SEMA recommend that racking inspections are carried out on the ‘onion skin’ principal with several levels of inspection.

The first level should be an inspection by the operative in the warehouse who should be encouraged to report damage on a daily basis either caused by, or as observed during work. This has to be handled carefully as, if disciplinary action is taken as a result, nothing will ever be reported. Also if nothing is done as a result of such reporting then nothing will be reported either.

The second level of inspection is a weekly check carried out as part of a supervisor’s patrol inspection of the warehouse. This should be documented and actions identified as necessary should be carried out.

The final level of check is the ‘Competent-Person’ inspection, which might be carried out at 6 monthly or yearly intervals depending upon the level of activity and damage occurring in the warehouse. This inspection should be carried out by the ‘competent-person’ who has a need to demonstrate by means of his training and experience that he has the skill and knowledge to carry out this work.

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