Mobile Pallet Racking Solutions

Mobile Pallet Racking for High Density Storage

Our Mobile Pallet Racking is the finest solution for High Density Storage, particularly for ambient warehouses and cold stores. Suitable for low temperatures down to -30º C.

Mobile Racking is mounted on bases and tracks, and is powered by low maintenance motors which drive the bases along precision tracks set in the floor.

Provision for only one aisle is the minimum access requirement, as pallets stored in any location can be quickly selected, just by the touch of a button.

The system allows increased pallet storage to be achieved.

Mobile Warehouse Racking
Mobile Warehouse Storage
Advantages of Mobile Racking Systems:
  • Highly efficient use of space
  • Computer-controlled storage
  • Major increase in warehouse capacity
  • Eliminate fixed access aisles
  • Have access to all pallets without having to move any other pallets first
  • No specialised trucks required

Our storage solutions are versatile and can also be used for offices, libraries, and hospitals as it is the ideal solution for archiving, filing storage, storing medical files.

All storage equipment should be maintained, as a SEMA Distributor we pride ourselves on safe installation and distribution of stoage equipment. We understand the importance to maintain the safety of your solutions and therefore we also provide multiple services as well as the design and installation. Our Total Webshop offers all things from health and safety ro racking inspection services.

For any additional information or expert advice, please contact us on 01905 757 506.

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