Carton Live Storage

Carton Live Storage Systems for dense storage and fast stock rotation

Carton Live Storage Systems or Pallet Live Storage is a gravity-fed storage system where the cartons or pallets are stored on inclined racks, thus allowing a first-in/first-out, or a first-in/last-out Push Back operation to be followed.

This system is most effective for fast moving product lines, particularly at assembly, packing and despatch points where a labour force manually picks the order.

  • The densest form of storage with guaranteed stock rotation
  • Effective management of stock levels
  • Excellent option for all order picking activities, reducing pick times and reducing cost per pick
  • Each system is assembled to suit your product
  • Suitable for large and small operations
Carton Live Storage
Warehouse Design & Planning, Carton-Live- Racking
Carton Live Storage systems offer many advantages in the order picking process:
  • Reduced walking
  • First-in / First-out stock rotation is guaranteed
  • Carton Live saves space by eliminating walkways
  • Order Picking speeds and productivity improve vastly with Carton Live
  • Stores high volumes of stock
  • Can be automated
  • Usually it works according to FIFO principle (First-In, First-Out)
  • Inventory is easier to monitor and control

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With all racking systems, it is important to consider the safe installation of your storage solution. Here at Total Interiors, we pride ourselves on the safe distribution of storage solutions, that is why we decided to join the SEMA Distributors group. Find a member.

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